To Take Over the Counter Sleeping Pills or Not Is a Personal Decision

Over the counter sleeping pills or OTC sleeping pills is a huge growing industry as sleep disorders are at an all time high these days. It is reported that some 60-80 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep disorder. Some people choose alternate remedies to help them sleep whilst others prefer sleeping pills. This decision should be made with your doctor. The reason why many people choose medication is that they act fast to offer them relief and improve their quality of life. Other people worry about long term effects and their side effects order xanax online usa.

There are two categories of sleeping pills available to people with insomnia, prescription or over the counter sleeping pills. There are a few points to keep in mind before you decide what to take:

• how each medication will affect your body
• how effective the medication is
• how quickly the pill will take effect
• how long the effect will last
• what the consequences for long time use are
• what the side effects are, if any

If you have difficulty falling asleep then a fast acting drug will be better for you and if you have trouble staying asleep, then a longer lasting pill should be your choice. Whatever your sleep disorder is, taking any over the counter sleeping pills should only be for short term use only as these pills can become addictive.

Most over the counter sleeping pills contain antihistamine as the primary active ingredient and antihistamines are used for treating people with allergies. They are also effective in helping people fall asleep however there has not been much research done on their long term effectiveness or safety. Caution is therefore advised.

This article is about over the counter sleeping pills or OTC sleeping pills however mention of prescription medications and the different types are in order.

Prescription medications for the sleep disorder of chronic insomnia are classified into four general groups: benzodiazepine receptor agonists, antidepressants, melatonin receptor agonists, and barbiturates. Each one of these drug groups has specific benefits in regards to treating insomnia. However, it is very important that the right type of for chronic insomnia medication is prescribed for each individual person with this sleep disorder.

Whatever medication you choose for your sleeping disorder, it is important to pinpoint what the source of the disorder is. Is it a temporary problem that will go away, is there an underlying illness or is it a side effect of some medication that you are on? If it is due to an underlying problem, then it is a secondary insomnia and any medication, whether prescription or over the counter pills should be for the underlying problem. In time the insomnia will disappear on its own.

The decision to take sleeping pills, whether prescription or over the counter sleeping pills is a personal decision however discussing your intention with your doctor is a good idea. As mentioned above it is also advisable to educate yourself on these pills to know what the long term effects on the body are.

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