Lets Fight The Self Appointed Spam Lords

Lets get one thing clear – SPAM is extremely bad. Spam is demeaning, intrusive, frustrating, etc. However, the reaction to Spam is defeatist, Luditist, intrusive and reactionary. People Search

Firstly, lets check out the truth of Spam; you download your emails, you delete the Spam.

Come on, are they that tough to identify? is that the email from Aunt Dot injured by the Spam? does one need to spend hours reading all to the bitter end to guess it’s spam?

Email programmes accompany a button called – DELETE; so delete – end of the matter. I hear you whinning: “but they take goodbye to download”; “they fill my inbox”; “they contain pornography”, etc. One answer: Delete.

Actually, the porn Spam does present a much bigger problem- for youngsters in fact , and therefore the degree of insult they produce. To be honest, if your email is privacy protected, which it should be, then these problems are often partially avoided also .

By the way, Spamhaus, a serious Spam identifier, notes that 80% of Spam originates with just 20 groups.

So how does everyone suffer from over-reaction when handling Spam? what percentage genuine emails get blocked by Spam walls? i will be able to use some samples of personal experience to point out you the issues .

I have had important emails blocked simply because I used an ISP that one among the 20 gangs had used for a period. This ISP was actually the main telephone company for a rustic , one that about 50% of the country’s residents used. Great response: close half a country’s international emails.

I have had emails blocked because I used the word, ‘free’. My project, may be a free resource on the web . Now I cannot say free, and many schools write to me to ask if my Project is free. I even have also had emails blocked because I said, “For adults working with children”; NO adults, obviously pornography.

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