How to Get a Girl to Like You – 3 Absolutely Essential Techniques For Getting the Girls

Is there a special girl you want in your life? Are you fed up watching other guys get the hot girls? Well now it’s time to end that pain! Here are 3 killer tips to turn things around….

Do your own thing – The biggest turn off for a girl is a guy who doesn’t have a life and becomes clingy instead of being busy with lots of cool interests and an active social life. Be a guy with purpose who is never short of things to do. Make the girls fit into your life instead of waiting for a chance to spend time with them.

Be Flirtatious with her – Girls love to be teased and flirting can generate huge sexual tension between you. Turn the tables on her a make out she is the one that’s interested in you, not the other way round. Learn to be relaxed and laid back around girls and not come across as some rabid dog who’s never touched a girl before. Maintain eye contact and don’t grin constantly or laugh at everything she says.

Ignore her – yes, I know this sounds a bit crazy but if you really want to learn how to get a hot girl to like you need to step outside what you THINK is the right way to act. It’s called doing what’s counter intuitive. If she sees you speaking to other people and having a great time without out her she will want to get your attention again. Women are very competitive so speak to other girls without making it obvious you are trying to make her jealous. Who knows you might end up with someone better than her!

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