Blast Away Fat With Weight Loss Accelerators

The future is here! For example, according to a recent blog post by Aryaka, the company just introduced a new, hardware-free, cloud-based network acceleration service. The company’s hardware-free network acceleration service essentially renders existing equipment useless. In the blog post, Aryaka’s Sonal Puri has this to say, “We are acceleration telling the enterprises to throw away everything into the garbage bin. It is a waste of money and efforts. You do not need all that. You do not need the MPLS, you do not need the CDN, nor the Accelerators. No hardware is needed on your premises and in your branches, really nothing.”(2)

Aryaka has quickly made a name for itself in the network as a service and WAN Optimization as a service arenas. Yet, Puri laments that many network administrators are unaware of the fact that an alternative to MPLS and WAN Optimization appliances exists. Networking acceleration technology as a service represents an about-face for many network administrators. The technology has evolved, and it doesn’t rely on hardware.

Body Position

Foot strikes on forefoot- foot should strike directly below or slightly behind the hips Looking for Triple Extension of the driving leg- ankle, knee, hip The body is driving out at a 45 degree angle to the ground (a straight line from your head to your back leg). Keep the heel recovery low Drive the lead arm (same as front leg) up as you begin to sprint. Step over the opposite knee and drive the foot down into the ground to create maximal force (Ankle steps over the knee) Face and neck relaxed Tight stomach, flat back, hips forward Arms – elbow is approximately at 90 degrees

Quick Acceleration Tip

Often in the acceleration phase, athletes are concerning themselves too much with trying to be quick with their legs. Instead of trying to drive out and be powerful, athletes are ‘spinning their wheels’ and not getting triple extension (ankle, knee, hip). We want the athletes to ‘feel their feet behind them’. If you are getting the sensation of your feet driving well behind your center of mass, then you know you are finishing off your leg drive.

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