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The purchase of any travel services offered by Quark Expeditions, Inc. (along with its affiliates, owners, officers, agents and employees collectively referred to as “Quark Expeditions,” “Quark” or “QEI”) creates a contractual relationship between QEI and you, the customer/participant in the travel package provided by QEI (for and on behalf of yourself and all other customers/participants for whom you are purchasing the travel package, herein referred to as the “traveler”, “passenger”, “participant”, “you” or “your), and represents your acceptance of the terms and conditions of your travel package set out herein (the “Terms and Conditions”). cek ongkir all ekspedisi Please read the following information carefully. In order for your expedition reservation to be completed, you must indicate you accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the appropriate box when paying your deposit for online reservations or, for reservations made by telephone, by signing and returning the Expedition Terms and Conditions sent to you by Quark. You are advised to check on the Quark website located at or to request the latest version of the Terms and Conditions from Quark prior to booking your travel package. For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, any reference to “Cruise” shall mean those periods of the Expedition during which the Passenger is embarking or disembarking or on a vessel which is owned, chartered or operated by QEI for the Expedition (the “Vessel”), including but not limited to when the Passenger is on land while the Vessel is in port and any shore excursions.

FOR WHERE WE ARE CONTRACTUALLY BOUND TO PROVIDE A SEPARATE TICKET FROM CARRIER: You will be asked to accept a separate Contract of Carriage with the carrier (the “Carrier”) of your Cruise or Airline which shall govern the relationship, responsibilities and liabilities as between you, the passenger, and the Carrier whereby any dispute that you raise directly with the Carrier will be governed by and subject to the terms of the Contract of Carriage. For the avoidance of doubt, these Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you and Quark, and any dispute or claim that you raise with the carrier will be subject to the Contract of Carriage and not these Terms and Conditions. To the extent there is a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the provisions of the Contract of Carriage as they relate to you and the Carrier, then the Contract of Carriage shall prevail and supersede the provisions of these Terms and Conditions; and to the extent there is a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the provisions of the Contract of Carriage as they relate to you and Quark, then these Terms and Conditions shall prevail and supersede the provisions of the Contract of Carriage

1.0 Reservations and Payment

QEI accepts payment in 4 currencies US dollars (US$), Australian Dollars (AU$), Euros (€) and Pounds Sterling (£). The currency will be applied based on the location of the client. Once the initial deposit/payment has been paid, all subsequent fees/charges will be applied in the same currency. Quark reserves the right to adjust prices based on exchange rates without notice.

Deposits: To confirm reservations on all Quark products a deposit of 20% (unless indicated otherwise at time of booking) of the gross, non-discounted rate (minimum US$1000, AU$1300, £650, €880 per person) is required at time of booking. The deposit must be paid by major credit card, wire transfer, check or money order. For any bookings within 120 days of departure full payment is required. Deposit amounts may vary for special promotions and are subject to the promotion terms and conditions.

Payments: Balances are due 120 days prior to departure. Final payment can be made by major credit card, bank wire or check. Deposits and payments for pre-expedition and post-expedition services are specific to each item and are explained and communicated at time of purchase.

QEI is not responsible for any charges levied by third parties or financial institutions and payable by you as a result of credit card or other payment transactions and will not refund or return any fees charged by third parties or financial institutions in connection with payments made by you to QEI

Late payments: All late payments are subject to a penalty of 1.5% interest per month, or 18% per annum. Quark reserves the right to cancel any booking that is not paid within 120 days of departure or deny boarding on any unpaid balances.

Special requests

QEI will always try to accommodate special requests, but will not guarantee such things as cabin/room number, bedding type, special meals and airline seats. Please ensure all special requests are conveyed to your booking agent at time of reservation.

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